I read the Sept. 4 Enterprise front page article “Nurses speak out about CHI vaccine mandate” initially with surprise, then shock and finally disdain.

My criticism is not with the nurse’s comments, although it's always better that people are entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts. Nor to the “reporter” as it would be a fool’s errand to critique someone with such a lack of journalism integrity. No, my criticism is aimed squarely at the editors of the Enterprise and by extension, their parent, The Forum.

The nurse interviewee made a number of comments regarding the vaccine. Two, in particular, hit me in the gut. One was that the vaccine caused “spontaneous abortions,” the other that it contained “aborted fetal cells.” As the Enterprise chose to print these comments verbatim, they were faced with responding as follows or something similar. As to the spontaneous abortion, there is absolutely no evidence that the vaccine causes abortions; spontaneous or otherwise. That premise has been totally debunked.

As to aborted fetal cells, 50-year-old aborted fetal cells were used in the research and development phase of the vaccine. Even the Pope endorsed their usage for that purpose. However, countless studies show that there are NO fetal cells in ANY of the vaccines.

The Enterprise decided to do nothing. There are consequences to this inaction. By not rebutting the comments, they are, de facto, supporting them. For readers that value their position, it will be another excuse to not get the vaccine, thereby endangering themselves and others in the community. It also lays bare the lack of journalism integrity at the Enterprise.

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When ranking media organizations, the highest ranks go to those that provide real news documented with facts that can be trusted. At the bottom of the food chain are those that become go-to rags for conspiracy theorists. Congratulations to the Enterprise! They have attained that goal with flying colors. How disgusting!