The Minnesota Department of Education has recently released the second draft of the social studies standard for K-12 public schools.

This draft reflects improvements relating to historical facts which describe World Wars I and II and the Holocaust atrocitise.

This draft, however, also adds a fifth social studies “strand” named “ethnic studies,” which contains similar elements to Critical Race Theory ideology.

This theory has been criticized nationwide for negative and divisive views relating to “systemic” racism in the U.S. based on skin color and/or ethnic background.

This should be of concern to all parents, teachers, school board members and taxpayers. Your superintendent and board members need your input and support. Please be informed and let your voices be heard.

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The teaching message to our children should be positive, respectful and image building for all children, regardless of ethnic background. In America, under our Constitution and Bill of Rights, all children have equal value and should be treated with similar respect and dignity. Clearly, we should not be teaching divisive racial theories in our public school system.

There may be a place in political forums to discuss and debate alternative views on the impact of ethnic background relating to success or failure in life.

In our public school system, however, we should teach facts, truth and balance relating to history, geography, economics and government/citizenship. Our goals should be to inform, enlighten and motivate all children to become positive, proud and participating members of the “American family.”