I don’t disagree with Robin Fish’s assessment that Line 3 protesters have gone overboard in their attempts to stop the Enbridge pipeline.

If “winners” and “losers” are unable to accept the results of a fair process in our system, then we can’t continue to function as a peaceful society.

But after spending several paragraphs decrying the behavior of Line 3 protesters, Mr. Fish seriously misses the point when he refers to the Jan. 6 insurrection in Washington D.C. as a mere “breach of Capitol security.” That sounds as if a few protesters managed to slip through an unguarded door on the Capitol steps.

Let’s be clear – it was a mob of several hundred people, some of them armed with pikes, clubs and chemical spray who openly attacked federal police, overwhelmed them and forced their way into the halls of Congress, in an attempt to overturn a fair election, and ultimately leading to the death of three officers.

What’s worse, rather than include those insurrectionists in his list of dangers to democracy, Mr. Fish instead calls out the political leaders who are attempting to investigate what happened as the real danger. Why? Apparently, because some politicians may be cast in a bad light by what that investigation could reveal. Yet, Congress has regularly investigated major national security threats in the past, including Benghazi, 9/11 and Watergate, to name a few.

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This is no “opportunity” being exploited against the entire Republican Party. On the contrary, there is plenty of opportunity for Republicans and Democrats alike to stand up for the rule of law.

But let’s remember: there were no Democratic officials egging on the Jan 6 rioters. The rally at the White House that morning featured Republican officials, including the leader of the Republican Party.

And, there are no Democrats standing in the way of the investigating committee. All of the congress members who voted it down were Republicans, including their leadership. Those facts speak loudly for themselves.

The greatest stress – and danger – to any democracy occurs when politicians manufacture lies to push public opinion so extreme that citizens openly attack their fairly elected representatives.