Last week, the Minneapolis City Council passed a resolution against the Line 3 pipeline project. They spent time, energy and taxpayer money to show their opposition to a pipeline hundreds of miles outside of their city that is nearly 75 percent complete.

Not only does this resolution carry zero weight, but it is also just another publicity stunt from Line 3 pipeline opponents.

The fact of the matter is, this project has hired more than 5,000 workers, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in northern Minnesota and brought an increase in property taxes for our state.

Additionally, these city councilors should be reminded that the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport depends on Line 3. This pipeline is literally responsible for tens of thousands of jobs in a billion-dollar industry right in the backyard of this city council.

I would invite those from the Minneapolis City Council to travel to northern Minnesota and meet with some of the local law enforcement and small business owners who have been impacted by this project.

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I bet that if they spent a few hours with any of the hundreds of business owners who have witnessed increased sales, more customers and an overall recovery largely due to the Line 3 workers they would think differently.