Last month, thousands of Line 3 pipeline opponents came from out of state to protest the pipeline project.

Last week, the head of the Rainforest Action Network traveled to Minnesota to chain herself to a piece of construction equipment, disrupt work and get arrested. This is the same group that Winona LaDuke has asked previously to come to Minnesota to get arrested.

A few years ago, the head of the Sierra Club also flew to protest into Bemidji.

Now, whether they came by plane or by car, the question remains. How can you travel thousands of miles thanks to the same resource you are traveling to protest?

Simply put: We need oil. It literally fuels our daily lives. And even fuels the cars and planes that Line 3 protesters use on their way to protest.

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Line 3 workers deserve the chance to safely do their jobs while Minnesota and Line 3 are moving forward.

First responders deserve the time to serve their communities instead of being called to protest sites every day.

The idea of people from around the country coming to Minnesota as some sort of a stunt and put more pressure on our first responders is absurd.

It is time for this hypocrisy and these protests to stop.