The only nation in the world founded on ideology and not on an ethnic group is the United States of America.

Robert Hunt led an expedition arriving on the shores of Virginia Beach in 1607. The group planted a rough-hewn, wooden cross and made a covenant with God that the land of America would be a beacon of light to the world.

America is a symbol of hope and freedom to the world. This is evident by people who still seek to leave their homes and families and come to America to have the hope of freedom and to pursue their dreams.

We are in a challenging time as a nation. Many seek to divide instead of build on what we have. The distasteful political cartoon in the Park Rapids Enterprise on Saturday, July 10 sought to divide trying to deal with the following:

  • Critical Race Theory (CRT), a worldview rooted in Marxism based on race, which pits people against one another in order to overthrow societies, with race as the excuse for revolution.

  • Black Lives Matter (BLM), founded on the premise that ‘black people in America are systematically oppressed and that the system of capitalism does not value all lives. Founder Patrisse Cullors stated, “We are trained Marxists. We are supervised on, sort of, ideological theories.”

  • Restoring America Inc. I am guessing the cartoonist made the group name up lumping anyone who stands for American’s Constitution in this group. The cartoonist implies that the Restore America Inc. refuses to have dialogue about CRT and BLM.

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CRT, as described, is destructive and divisive. Focusing on color turns people into victims and kills hope. Yes, America’s past is not perfect. However, America has done more to advance humanity and protect people’s basic human rights throughout the world than any other country. We are the country that provides equal opportunity for all and there are so many success stories of immigrants and natural born citizens from all races, backgrounds and ethnicity. We are still the country that gives people the right to believe what they wish, including protesting against what America stands for and burning the very flag that gives them the right to protest. What would happen to those who seek to protest and destroy a country’s flag if they protested in a communist/Marxist nation?

BLM focuses on racial injustice and the destruction of western culture. They seek to inflict pain on one group for the benefit of another, to tear down rather than build. Why not focus on unity and building a better America?

People living in America have more freedoms here than any place in the world. Just think of the beautiful country America could become if we would focus on what we can do to help one another instead of tearing down another basing one’s worth on the color of their skin.