We are a hop, skip and a jump from the Fourth of July weekend, which is a huge travel holiday and one of the most popular vacation times of the year for many Minnesotans. Here in Northern Minnesota, a main part of our economy is tourism, and we depend on families across Minnesota and the upper Midwest traveling here to celebrate Independence Day.

After a year of being stuck at home, Minnesotans are ready to get out and make new memories. But, following a tough financial year for many, gas prices play a role in what some families can afford.

This is exactly why the Line 3 pipeline project is so important. Line 3 carries crucial oil to our state and region. We depend on this oil to gas up our cars, fuel our boats and overall, for our summer fun. Summer often includes rising gas prices as it is, but it is important that we protect our energy infrastructure and take steps, like this Line 3 replacement project, to maintain and improve our system.

We saw what happened when the Colonial pipeline was attacked last month, leading to astronomical gas prices and physical fights at the pumps.

Despite what pipeline opponents may say, we need the Line 3 pipeline. So, as you are on your summer travels, remember that this crucial pipeline is the reason you and your family are able to consume gasoline at a reasonable price and enjoy your road trips now and for years to come.