Our president, Joe Biden, the puppet, appears to prefer creating crises rather than solving them. In addition to his open border crisis, he continues to prolong determining the origin of the COVID virus and is creating a new crisis in the Middle East by taking a pro-Russian position.

Investigation reveals China may have been responsible for originating the virus causing the pandemic that killed thousands of people.

Consequently, the Democrat president, governors and mayors created havoc with their regulations regarding peoples’ activities. Therefore, the president should take leadership to determine responsibility and hold whomever accountable for the cost of their negligence or intention.

Unfortunately, the president doesn’t seem interested in taking the appropriate action. However, the liberal Democrats did use the resulting pandemic to advance their own agenda, including winning an election.

The president and vice president won’t visit the southern border to get first-hand information on problems being created by allowing thousands of illegal immigrants from all over the world to enter our country. Reports reveal the illegals are not being tested for COVID-19 and that criminals, terrorists, drug and people traffickers, and who knows what, are entering our country. When questioned about this issue, Biden and his staff say the border is closed and there is no problem at the border. It’s under control.

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This huge influx of illegals has the potential to create huge and serious problems in our country as they disperse at will throughout our land.

Crime is increasing at a rapid rate in our cities. Shootings, killings, assaults, protesting and rioting are out of control while our police departments are becoming less effective due to defunding, early retirement, resignations and inability to hire replacement staff.

The Biden administration doesn’t mention the law enforcement and rioting issues in his public discussions.

The responsibility of our president and his administration is to put our country and its citizens first in their actions and policies. They demonstrate the opposite. Evidence of this is as follows: cancelling oil pipeline construction, closing areas to drilling for oil; a reluctance to deal with the border crisis; a reluctance to deal with the cause of and responsibility for COVID-19; dealing with the crisis in the Middle East; taking a pro-Russia position; taking a weak position in dealing with China; eliminating Trump’s policy of being energy independent; cancelling favorable-to-the-U.S trade deals negotiated by Trump.

We need a conservative president and staff that will put our country and citizens first, not last. Whoever is directing President Biden is making progress in converting our country to socialism. The most recent example is the government paying a worker as much to stay home as he or she can make working.

Soon we’ll see a huge infrastructure spending bill sent to Congress, coupled with a huge tax increase bill to pay for it.

It’s all about power and control, and when the time is right, we’ll be a socialist country. Don’t be surprised if China plays a part in it. In my opinion, we have a chance in 2022 and 2024 to keep our Republic. Vote conservative.