To those who think oil and gas are bad, I agree.

However, do you realize how prevalent they are in our society? Were you aware that many of the clothes you wear are actually made from petroleum products? Rayon, nylon, acrylic, polyester, lycra and microfiber are all petroleum product based fibers.

Your running shoes are made from petrochemical products like ethylene-vinyl-acetate (EVA), a foam material made from oil and natural gas.

Like several other fluid color solutions, nail polish is a concoction of petrochemicals and pigments.

The asphalt roads you drive (or ride) on, the tires that make your vehicle ride comfortably and most of the seat cushions (both bicycles and autos) are all based on petroleum.

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Plastic is solely made from petroleum products. Your Red Solo Cups are plastic. So are your clothes hangers, the cases for your phone, the knobs on your radio, the cover of your light switches and too many items to enumerate.

And that’s just the everyday items. Wait until you have to go to the hospital! All those COVID shots you got? Plastic containers and syringes. Tubes, bags of fluids, etc. are all plastic.

It would be great if we could just erase petro-chemicals from our lives, but they are so insidious, it’s almost impossible.

And until everyone wants to use only products available in the early 1800s or we have achieved a reliable alternative, we are stuck with the reality of having to move oil from one place to another, and it is more cost effective and safer (in the long run) to move them through pipelines.