I want to applaud the parents of the Nevis School District. I was appalled by the letter to the editor in the paper that went after parents that care about their children.

In my opinion, and as a grandma, what I have read and researched there is no reason to give an experimental drug to our children. I am not of the medical community, but common sense says we have no clue what the long-term effects of this vaccine is. I don’t want my grandkids used as guinea pigs.

These parents pay taxes for their school and have every right to push their agenda. They did not take away anyone’s rights. Anyone can easily get the vaccine. It didn’t need to be at the school. Stop the shaming and stop being a bully. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just because they don’t belong to the medical community doesn’t mean they don’t count and it doesn’t mean that your opinion is more important.

And let us remember that it was the medical community that gave us the opioid addiction crisis.

We find ourselves in a world where our kids are under attack by our government and teachers’ unions.

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Critical Race Theory comes in many different headings and is against what we believe. Parents need to stay vigilant on what is being taught to their children.

Parents are being lied to and they are sneaking this stuff into curriculum. They are teaching our children to hate themselves, their parents, their country and anyone who is white. This is the very definition of racism.

So, parents, please listen and question your children on what they are learning in school. Educate yourselves on Critical Race Theory. I know it is being taught in the Cities because my daughter has started to home school her kids to keep them away from it. You, as parents, can submit a public records request and find out what they are teaching your kids. Remember, they work for us. Stand up, stay strong and unite for your children.