Summertime in Minnesota brings out more than just wood ticks and mosquitoes. If you look around, you will also see many American flags out during the fair weather months.

Earlier this year, we celebrated Flag Day, but one thing appeared odd to me, which was a newspaper advertisement from the Hubbard County DFL to come and celebrate our president and vice president for the event.

I would like to make a few comments about why our flag is very worthy of celebrating, as opposed to the latest in a stream of communist-sympathizing politicians imposed on us by the Democratic Party.

If you look at images from communist countries, such as Cuba, where the citizens are trying to fight for the freedoms we take for granted, you will see protesters wrapped in or holding up the American flag.

Why would they celebrate the flag of a county where so much fighting has taken place internally recently? The reason is that, even though proponents of Critical Race Theory are teaching people in schools and universities to hate that flag, the world and conservative in America still know that it is more than just a country’s flag.

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This flag is one of the few that symbolizes an idea. It’s almost cliche to say that it stands for freedom, but that is exactly right. People who seek the freedom that we have understand that our nation was founded on the principle that we were free people and allowed our elected representatives to have some of our power to carry out the tasks needed for an orderly society.

It was not the government that held the power and allowed us freedom or liberty, as it wished.

Honor that flag because it is proper to honor the principle that all of us citizens are equally loved by God and are welcome to enjoy equal rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that many sacrificed to protect since its founding in 1776.

A study of the Minnesota Democratic Party platform reveals that they are promoting a larger, more intrusive government, like those in countries where citizens are trampled by the government. Many of our freedoms are already gone due to those policies.

Let’s not take the next step to lose more freedom. Help your local Republican Party preserve all of our freedom.