Before the last presidential election, concerns about the radical left were swept aside by the media by claiming that Joe Biden was not a radical, but was a moderate. Moderate Joe, the everyman kinda guy, would unite America in the middle. This convinced millions – even some Republicans – to cast a vote for him.

Now “moderation” reigns in the White House. The first day came with a moderate eight executive orders signed, and with over 80 since then, moderately restoring federal funding of abortions in foreign countries and federalizing the voting system.

His moderate undoing of border policies produced a moderate crisis there.

His moderate position has pushed acceptance of transgenderism in women’s sports.

His moderate Vice President Harris has been the tie-breaker for partisan pieces of legislation with zero Republican votes.

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He moderately has championed the Equality Act, which would have stripped protection for religious groups.

His moderation has led to executive orders restricting gun rights, creating a commission composed of mostly non-moderates to study how to “not” pack the court, and has entered America back into the Iran “deal.”

No worries, here, America. This is moderation at its finest. I’d hate to see what “radical-left” looks like.