Our liberal President, Joe Biden, the puppet, continues to transform our country with the end goal of making our country a socialistic country. He’s using a strategy developed by the Russian leader Vladimir Lenin in the early 1900s.

The strategy consists of dividing people through class warfare, controlling education, discouraging religion, increasing national debt and taxes (resulting in increased poverty), controlling gun ownership, eliminating police departments (in my opinion, Biden will be proposing a plan to nationalize police work), distribution of wealth, increasing welfare and government dependency.

The reasons used to justify his actions are racism, white supremacy and COVID-19. All these actions give government power over the people.

Currently, he has plans to increase spending $1.6 trillion and raising taxes on the rich and corporations. In reality, it will affect every taxpayer as the increase will filter down via increases in product and service prices to the consumer.

Biden’s stimulus programs are structured such that workers are better off with unemployment payments than working.

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Records indicate that unemployment numbers increased last month while creation of new jobs decreased from the predicted number. Under current circumstances, many small employers can’t find employees wanting to work. Large employers compete for employees by offering higher wages, but a wage war has its limits.

If the labor crisis continues, many smaller businesses will close, product and service prices will increase, welfare will increase and, consequently, taxes will continue to increase, all leading to an economic crash.

President Biden’s economic plan is structured to create a crisis in addition to the open border crisis.

Biden’s agency and department heads and staff advisers are made up of Obama staff. In my opinion, they are directing this administration’s policies.

To assure completion of their goal of a socialistic country, the liberal democrats must be reelected. To assure reelection, they are depending on the vote of immigrants and controlling and managing the 2022 and 2024 elections from Washington, rather than as currently required by the states, by passing HR1.

In my opinion, we need conservative policies back in government. Socialism is programmed to fail. History has proven conservatism works. The next election is critical. Vote Republican!