I am absolutely baffled why our local newspaper is of such concern to Amy Klobuchar? I think the issues of greater concern are packing the court or getting rid of the filibuster or leaving the borders wide open or defunding our police department or stopping the riots in Minnesota or how Black Lives Matter is a Marxist/communist group and we are tolerating them burning and breaking into businesses or stopping critical race theory in our schools or letting COVID, drugs, criminals and Illegal immigrants come across the border or preserving our Constitution or standing up for First and Second Amendment rights, etc., etc., etc. These are the things that should be addressed and I would like to have Amy give the answers to these questions on where you stand on these issues! Since your chief of staff was able to call me on my phone about my last editorial, I will be expecting a response, but I think that a lot of people would like to have an answer to these questions so maybe just put it in the paper so all of us can get the answer. Help support our paper!

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