Won’t you please join us?

Many people who have immigrated to our country from dictatorships have been warning us of our loss of the freedom that they came here seeking.

The bloody wars that we’ve fought have resulted in our continuing on a path, begun by the Founding Fathers with our Declaration of Independence, which have led to a strengthening of our nation and the fabric of a more perfect union.

Now this fabric is being pulled apart, thread by thread, and we have to stop it. A few liberal Republicans and the entire Democratic party is working to strip us of our freedoms with help from Marxist/communist groups, like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

But there is another player that is the most dangerous. Communist China is working within our country and is positioning itself to gain the most from an unstable U.S. All of the division and discord within our county is being used by China’s communist leaders to continue their march toward being the lone superpower in the world.

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A country like China that murders its own people and forcibly harvests organs for transplant from live people cannot be allowed such a position of control, but the Democrat party consistently allies with them.

What can we do? Begin by turning away from buying Chinese products. This money we spend is used by the Chinese Communist party against us.

Next, strive to bring your friends and neighbors alongside to educate yourselves about the value of uniting behind conservative office holders to represent us. Reading publications, such as “Thinking Minnesota,” are very useful for this.

Our Democratic Governor Walz has dealt a serious blow to unity by allowing lawlessness to flourish, resulting in riots and hate in our own state. He, and those like him, need to be voted out of office while we still have a voice. We need a government that respects the rule of law and it won’t be attained through the Democrat party.

Join in your local Republican party to bring our country that we love back together again, and preserve the freedom that made this country a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.