I’ve been reading a lot of letters championing how pipelines are safer than transporting oil by roads and railways. Let’s take a step backwards for a minute. The problem isn’t the pipeline. The pipeline facilitates the problem. The problem is the fossil fuel industry continues to push fast-forward on expanding infrastructure to support more oil. Instead, we need to be pushing the pause button.

Supporters of the pipeline take shots at protestors for driving cars and using plastic products. Yeah, we need to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, and as a whole, we are making major strides through renewable energy and changes in our personal behaviors.

But building a pipeline based on “anticipated growth in demand” is ignoring the fundamental issue. It also doesn’t take into account the impact policies are having on curbing carbon emissions. These actions are having a multiplying effect.

The fact is that 68 percent of Americans are concerned about climate change and two-thirds of Americans do take climate change seriously at some level, according to the Association of Oil Pipe Lines. Sure, we can be concerned about climate change, but don’t ask us to make any changes to our lives.

While Line 3 pipeline doesn’t directly contribute to climate change, the oil it cares does – and in a significant way. Stopping Line 3 is just one step towards curbing our dependence. And with a larger pipeline, Enbridge will be able to deliver even more oil. Heaven forbid we push away from the fossil fuel table.

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Fundamentally, Line 3 represents the maintaining the status quo and profits for companies like Enbridge. Yes, demand for Line 3 can be justified right now. But rather than thinking about today and tomorrow, we need to think about five or 10 years from now. Don’t be fooled into thinking protests are frivolous attention seekers. They are advocating for our futures, even if we haven’t accepted that our dependency on fossil fuels is a big problem. The opposition to Line 3 is your intervention. Listen up and take action to stop Line 3.