Vote “no” on the District 309 School District levy referendum. This was voted on and defeated last November in the regular election. The school district should accept the results of the November election and the voters’ will, but instead are trying to sneak this issue in at a time when many voters are not aware of a special election. There is also an extra expense to hold this election, and guess who is paying for it? Taxpayers!

This is a very bad time to raise taxes on struggling taxpayers because of the COVID crisis, with lost jobs and hurting businesses. We realize many have not lost a paycheck due to COVID, but those are mainly government and school jobs. Have a heart for those who are having a tough time of it. Is the school district and board so out of touch with low wage and working people and Main Street businesses?

Gas costs are skyrocketing and show no sign of slowing down and grocery costs are rising. It more than eats up that “$10 a month” that they want us to spend on frivolous school extras. That is more than $120 a year for most, and for what, 20 years? The brochure doesn't say for how long we will be paying this “$10 a month.” Is that something they don't want us to know?

In addition, we don't believe enrollment is rising and would like to see figures that prove that. The kids have hardly been in school the past year and many are continuing with homeschool. The schools have neglected many students' education this past year and some are failing because of it. Focus on the education and not on extra stuff.

In summary, have a heart for your fellow taxpayers that are struggling and vote “no” (again) to this added tax burden.