With the benefit of nearly five decades of experience in construction and design, the proponents of Project 309 have, to my mind, made a clear and convincing case.

Project 309 has enlightened me as to why intelligent parents seek, at great sacrifice, alternatives to the District 309 system for their gifted children. The project surpasses a predatory scam.

It is a bubonic plague that enjoins an entire community to be complicit in sociopathic barbarity.

For a majority of residents (distinct from businesses), a property tax increase is tolerable. Not so for about 40 percent of all ages who suffer want of the basics for survival. The project proponents vaunt their “scientific” surveys. What vile flatulence. Scientific inquiry does not pick the data favorable to an agenda and ignore the unfavorable.

Ignored, for example, is the report that meals for the elderly cannot meet the demand – which is rising.

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Ignored is the widely published Pew Research finding that, in 2020, 52 percent of adults aged 18 to 29 must live with their parents, the highest level since the Great Depression. This situation also is worsening.

Aiming to clobber high school graduates with even higher housing costs from the start reveals that the Project 309 proponents’ concern for our youths is a lie to cover a narcissistic agenda.

As for the honorable Park Rapids business people who are suffering poverty and debt to keep their employees, project enthusiasts come with exciting plans to wipe them out for good. Maybe there will be free cookies and juice at an open house of the lavish new temples for which they are to be made sacrificial victims.

No civilized person would add one cent to the burdens of those struggling to pamper buses in a Palace of Versailles.

The Project 309 mission is a unique look at the Lord’s illustration of the rich porker living in opulence who ignored starving Lazarus laid at his mailbox. The new lesson? Join the rich sociopath! Plus, in the spirit of Joseph Stalin, please vote on April 13 to make Lazarus help pay for that new mansion! “You can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.”

Out of concern for our Lazaruses and their would-be tormentors’ peril – as well as my own judgment – I aim to vote to stanch our collective guilt.