So now we are legislating what restaurants can have on their menu?

I was shocked, surprised, appalled and more than a bit agitated by State Sen. Paul Utke's proposed Healthy Kids meal bill. You can't legislate morality and you can't legislate diet. Good grief!

When parents take their kids out for a meal it is their choice as to what they order for their children. Not Utke's. What country is this? Restaurants already have drink choices. I don't think we need to pass a law in that regard. And requiring restaurants to serve fruits and veggies as a side with kids meals!? Will the food police be on hand so the family can't leave the restaurant unless the kids cleaned their plates? And now they can't have French fries (white potatoes)?

Passing laws to make restaurants comply is a ridiculous waste of time and money. Would that mean that Burger King and McDonald’s have to serve fresh carrots with their burger meals? Restaurants offer choices right now. If you want a side of green beans with your hot dog, you can probably get it at most sit-down restaurants.

Don't get me wrong. I was raised by a school cook. My mother was the lunchroom manager for many years. I still hear from former students about how great the food was. I had “balanced diet” pounded into my head for years. At home is where a balanced diet begins. In school is where it should be carried on – in the classroom and lunchroom. Are health classes offered anymore? Is home economics offered?

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Are school meals actually cooked? No. They come out of a box, ready to heat and eat. Why has funding to feed our kids in school been so diminished that they have to eat packaged food? The meals at school are the only meals that many kids get.

If you want to work on important legislation to feed and educate kids about healthy eating, why not start in the schools? Passing needless laws does not solve the problem. Education does.