We need look no further than our current presidency to see the insanity that happens when we start to call evil good and good evil, exchange darkness for light and light for darkness, put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. We reward the irresponsible and make the dedicated pay for it.

We’ve lost our way as a nation and it’s hard to see a way back, but back we must go if we are to survive.

Shall we start with the gods our country has created? There are so many to choose from anymore it is hard to say which are the worst, but power and control must surely be two of the top contenders. It seems we will stop at nothing to appease these mighty gods that have taken over our hearts.

We need not fear that it will be hard to find an idol to worship in this country, we’ve proven we can make anything or anyone into an idol. We not only elevate things like money and status anymore, we have dug into the bottom of the barrel and come out with drug-induced criminals and rioting vandals.

This once Christian nation that still claims belief in God has become adept at dragging His name through the mud with their vile tongues and evil policies.

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Have we tainted everything in our lives with hatred? What is left that we call sacred? Where is that day we set aside each week to rest in gratitude toward our God, our provider.

Is this what our parents envisioned for us? Do we even care anymore? It appears there is no honor left.

We are killing this country. We are killing each other. We are, to our shame, killing our children in the womb.

What used to be faithfulness in our homes, in our communities, and in our nation has become pure adultery.

An election stolen from the people is said to be the will of the people. Not only is it not the will of the majority, you are considered a terrorist for even considering there was theft.

We have lied and been lied to so much and so often that we don’t know what the truth looks like anymore.

We’ve all wanted the good life, the American dream, but the hard work it takes to get there has been cast aside. We lie, cheat, and steal, clawing our way for more of something. We manipulate the system and the people, taking whatever we want from whomever we want.

We’ve become lost souls adrift in the wind, no anchor. We’ve forgotten our

Creator, shut Him out. No rules, no order, no standards, no morals.

Where did it all go so horribly wrong? We wanted to be progressive, and in so doing lost our way, lost sight of God and His beautiful laws. Laws made to guide and protect us. Precepts to lead us to what is good and right. Ordinances to give us order. And make no mistake, our Creator is the one who makes the rules, not you and not me!

Look back and see how we have forsaken His most basic principles.