Joe Biden informed the world that, as a Trump supporter, I am a domestic terrorist, a mob, an insurrectionist and a traitor. So we have to sanction and silence the leader of the free world on Jan. 6 – an oxymoron, “free” world?

Trump's response to what was happening was silenced, as Biden said, “Enough. Enough. Enough" on CNN.

Anyone who does not agree the election was fair, and it was not, now have Joe’s label.

We all agree anyone who entered the Capitol needs to be arrested.

Where were these same leaders all summer when we watched our cities, establishments, businesses, landmarks burn around the U.S.A.? Not to mention the murder of unnamed innocents from coast to coast. We know where they were – hiding in their basement bunkers being interviewed about the peaceful protests because it benefited their cause. Insanity gone to seed. Is this Germany 1938?

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I, personally, watched only 16 hours of the extensive hours of testimony from people, hundreds coming forward with signed affidavits (jail time for lying). They put not just their reputation on the line but also their families’ safety and jobs. Will they have justice?

Each state hearing is online. If you didn’t see them, you have no business talking election fraud.

As I watched the joint session throw Trump and 75-million of us under the bus, I heard this statement by almost every Democrat speaking late into the night: “There was not enough election fraud to overturn the election.” So how much is too much? What is the threshold for enough to be investigated? They knew fraud exists as it came out of their own mouths.

Do not compare us to antifa or BLM. If we were similar, you would have seen us rioting and looting all summer like these anti-American groups.

COVID-19 is not what scares me. COVID-20, -22 and -24 does. It should be a wake up call to everyone. Remember these COVIDs, as it’s called political control.

Joe Biden has insulted your intelligence by telling you he will "heal our land," then labeling 75-plus million Americans “domestic terrorists.”

DC on Jan. 6, 2021 will forever be about election fraud. That is why people were there. The narrative changed so your eye would be taken off the ball called fraud.