It’s been wisely stated that “those who fail to learn from the past, are condemned to repeat it.” It’s time for my party, the Republican party, to look at our recent past and learn.

Prior to 2016, the Republican Party was known as the party of Ronald Reagan, of family values, of character and integrity, of law and order, and who supported law enforcement and the military.

Unfortunately, we made an error in judgment when it came to presidential candidate selection. What did that mistake cost? Since 2016, Republicans have lost the U.S. House, the Senate, the Presidency, and a whole lot of national respect. It’s not a good look, when those claiming our party’s name are dressed in fur and horns, and are sitting in the Capitol building they just raided.

I’ve heard from my party, since the 2020 elections, a lot of complaining and whining. What I haven’t heard enough of is self-inspection and soul-searching. How did we fall so far and so fast? I believe a big part of the answer is that we averted our attention from principles to personalities. We went from promoting ideas to promoting an individual on our hats, flags and banners. How did that work out?

The painful consequences the Republican party are facing now are entirely self-inflicted. That is bad news, but also good news. Because self-inflicted injuries are the most easily fixed. How? We need to completely divorce ourselves from the national leadership mistake we made. We need to take ownership for the awful incident in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6 and take steps to make sure that nothing like that ever happens again.

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And moving forward, we need to raise our bar of expectations, for both our leadership and for those who claim to join our cause. Integrity and character matter, and we, as a party, are at our most successful when we remember that and promote that.

Liberals are now in charge in Washington. And we made it very easy for them to do so. But our nation and culture need us. There are important issues to fight for: freedom of speech and gun rights, which are both already under attack, immigration, taxes, the exploding federal deficit and many more. But we won’t be in any position to defend our principles until we choose to learn our lesson, rebuild and come back stronger than ever!