I call upon you, U.S. Rep. Michelle Fischbach, to resign from serving us, the people of 7th Congressional District.

You voted “no” to the pro forma certification of the already legal and state-certified electoral votes. Your action was based upon lies about the election told by President Trump, which both Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State, and courts – from state courts to the Supreme Court of the United States (including judges appointed by President Trump himself) – have confirmed to be fair and honest.

In your public statements and now your vote on certification of the electoral votes, you have undermined the single most precious democratic pillar of the republic: our free and fair vote. In these acts, Rep. Fischbach, you became complicit in leading the president’s supporters to believe that the election was fraudulent and enraging them enough to perpetrate an insurrection and the first armed invasion of our Capitol since the British burning of Washington during the War of 1812. Five people died! If the mob had succeeded, you and many other elected leaders may have been kidnapped or murdered. This was not a protest. It was “combat,” as Rudy Guliani said to the crowd on Wednesday as the President urged them to go to the Capitol, where he had earlier said “it will be wild!”

Your frequent repeating of Pres. Trump’s lies about the election were part of what incited this attack on our democracy. That you voted “no” to certify this “most secure election in our nation’s history” (a quote from the Republican head of cyber and election security), even as an armed insurrection had taken place, makes it clear that you did not take your oath to our Constitution seriously. Rather, your allegiance was to a man, Donald Trump.

Make no mistake, Rep. Fischbach, your words cost lives, incited violence and you are on the record as a party to an insurrection.

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You need to resign as our 7th District U.S. Representative.

I suspect that if you do not, there may be censure or expulsion from Congress or even criminal charges for being complicit in an attempted coup to try and stop the peaceful transfer of power, the crown jewel of our democracy.