We have been in the top 20 counties seeing the most increase of COVID cases in Minnesota for the past several days. Wonder why? Go into the post office and postal workers are wearing chin jock straps instead of masks. Cute! Customers, no masks. Go into your small country store and neither the proprietor nor customers are wearing masks. Go into your local hardware store and our state senator is not wearing a mask. The chair of the Hubbard County commissioners wants to emphasize that quarantining after exposure is “optional.” Why follow the advice of health professionals? Why prevent transmission and do something for your fellow citizens when you can help spread the virus?

This is not a political issue. Don’t worry “they” don’t want to take your COVID away from you. This is a health issue affecting all of us. Studies have already shown in Kansas that those counties with mask mandates have a much lower rate of transmission of the virus. Want to be a real patriot? Mask up!

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