Serving as Henrietta Township zoning administrator, the Henrietta Township Board of Supervisors have asked me to enforce the ordinances pertaining to sign placement. The ordinance states that signs cannot be on the shoulder of the roads or within the road right-of-way.

If signs are on or inside the property lines on either side, the person placing the signs must own the land or have permission from the landowner for sign placements.

State and county ordinances also state that no signs may be within the road right-of-way.

It is quite common to see signs within the road right-of-way and on top of the shoulders of the roads. Our process is removal of the signs in violation, then they are taken to the town hall to be claimed.

Notices have been posted in the Enterprise, but violations continue. If there is any question as to where to place signs adjacent to township, county and state roads, it is a good idea to contact the respective branch of government for clarification.