It is hard not to feel a sense of betrayal here in northern Minnesota. A governor who largely won the last election based of his votes from the labor community has again and again gone and jumped ship from one of the largest union construction projects in state history.

The Line 3 Replacement Project will bring over 4,000 high-paying union labor jobs to northern Minnesota at a cost of over $2 billion dollars – that money would have greatly impacted northern Minnesota and the rest of the state.

At a time when we should be looking out for one another, it is clear northern Minnesota is getting the cold shoulder. This project would have helped all kinds of businesses in northern Minnesota. It would have helped restaurants, hotels, gas stations, you name it.

Just because the population here is not that of the Twin Cities does not mean we are not suffering from the current economic conditions. People here want to work; they want to run their businesses, and approving Line 3 would have helped thousands of families that help make up many of these communities. Minnesota needs jobs, and Minnesota needs Line 3.

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