It is important to counter the barrage of misinformation being distributed by Enbridge in ads and by its supporters like Tim Flanders (“The unemployed could benefit from Line 3,” Opinion page, Park Rapids Enterprise, Aug. 5). The operative word in that headline is “could.” They could, but they won’t.

Enbridge’s estimates for the number of jobs Line 3 would bring to northern Minnesota have ranged wildly – from 2,000 to 2,500 in the original filings in 2014 to as much as 4,500 now. In one “cost-benefit” analysis paid for by the company the number jumped to an astonishing 23,000! That study was quickly discredited.

What Enbridge and Flanders don’t tell you is that the vast majority of those temporary construction jobs would go to out-of-state pipeline contractors: professional welders, benders, fitters, etc. The jobs and the contractors will be gone once the pipe is in the ground.

But its tar sands will be a permanent threat to our land and water.

In sworn testimony at an evidentiary hearing, Line 3 project director Paul Eberth admitted that the actual number of permanent jobs created would be closer to 22. That’s right, 22, or even fewer, according to other accounts.

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Enbridge directs a lot of ad dollars to the Enterprise and the other Forum newspapers. But that should not stop the editorial side of the paper from publishing the facts. And, when U.S. Rep. Stauber and our representatives in St. Paul repeat the Enbridge line, they should be subject to fact checking. The only way we are going to be able to protect the land and waters of this beautiful region is if we have real information. We turn to honest journalists to provide us with that information.