As remembrance of a truly tragic day is fast approaching its one year mark on Valentine’s Day, I wanted to remember the outpouring of love and support from our community and people and businesses across several counties.

I want to put out another huge “Thank you” to everyone who came and supported last year's benefit at Amielia’s Salon. It could not take away the pain, but made us realize that even in such tragic circumstances the love and support of many can make us feel good, if only for day or a brief moment.

There were so many businesses that donated and supported this event. I want you to know how truly thankful I am. Thelen's Precast and Ready Mix of Park Rapids did not get recognized for their help; they donated all the ready mix for a poured concrete slab that was put in as an auction item. This donation came in fairly last-minute and was valued well over $1,000. Thank you, Thelen’s, and all who supported and made a shining light in those days of darkness for our community and the families involved.

I want to tell you all, even the smallest amount or littlest thing that was given in support and love of these families made a difference, helped take a small amount of burden away and gave a much needed feeling of love.

As this day approaches, remember it is a day of love. Remember to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. Remember to be kind and caring. Let's remember the families and what they will be going through as this day approaches and show them love and compassion.

Show your respect and support, for this day has such a different meaning to many of them now and they need to feel our love. Thank you!