In regards to the Hubbard County sheriff giving to Becker County the tactical rescue vehicle (we have a new tank), I’d like to know if he had the authority to do so. It must have some value or they wouldn’t want it (Becker County).

Shouldn’t it have been put up for bids? The sheriff’s office uses up a lot of tax dollars, why squander away money that could come in? Then he gets a raise.

Editor’s note: Hubbard County Sheriff Cory Aukes responds, “The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office received our original armored vehicle years ago from the U.S. government on a federal ‘loaner’ program. A couple years ago, we turned it back in to the government and updated it, as we received one at no cost from the City of St. Cloud that was in better mechanical shape. We then applied and had the opportunity to receive a very modern unit from the federal government again. We then notified the federal government that we had one available, if another agency was in need, or else we would be turning it back in. Becker County didn’t have one and claimed it. These units are the property of the federal government and cannot be sold. I am thankful that one of our neighbors was able to put it to good use.”