After reading the article in the Nov. 23 Park Rapids Enterprise about pollution in our state and the millions that taxpayers are spending to try to clean it up, I realized how little people seem to learn from history.

The people who caused the past problems were not regulated and either did not know or did not care about the consequences of their actions. We still have people that argue against any regulations, but it is obvious that we need regulations.

Clean air and water are essential for life. All of us need to be concerned about the environment. It should not be a political concern that the left or right argue about. Republicans and Democrats alike should agree that they want to have safe drinking water, safe foods and quality air to breathe. No one would argue that point, but yet individuals and companies are allowed to deem profit their bottom line.

People need regulations so that others do not suffer because of actions taken with no concern for the environment and the consequences on people and the land.

When will our elected officials start to work together to take care of our environment? Our lives literally depend on the air, land and water quality, whether we are Democrats or Republicans. We should be working hard to be sure we do not add to the list of hundreds of polluted sites in Minnesota alone mentioned in the article.