I am writing this letter to clarify a few things regarding the peanut butter sandwich debate at Nevis Public School.

The fact of the matter is that the problem does not stem from the kitchen staff. The problem is a policy issue that needs to be addressed. The policy in question was one that is outdated and needs to be changed. It is my intention to do so as a member of the school board.

I feel that regardless of the economic status of any family, the children should not be punished and have to suffer because of a financial situation that is out of their control. It is my intent to change the policy, and subsequently the procedures to handle situations that might have created a peanut butter sandwich incident.

My intent was not to bash the lunchroom staff or administration, merely to resolve an issue and policy that I perceived as unacceptable.

The conditions at the school are not dire, and typically this is not an issue, but I never want it to become an issue again.

Also, this is not an invitation for people to think that they are going to have a free lunch. If you are able to pay for your student’s lunch and choose not to, I believe the school is within their rights to enforce debt collection and use any method they deem appropriate to do so. If you are unable to make ends meet and provide the funds necessary to ensure your child has a healthy meal everyday at school, then there are means that can be utilized through the school to ensure that and alleviate these types of situations.

I also want to convey that our school is not out to humiliate students, and that this is merely an oversight that kind of got blown out of proportion. I am very passionate about protecting our students and ensuring that they have a safe environment in which to learn. That includes making sure that they are well fed.

Nevis School is the best school in the state, hands down! I wouldn’t send my children to any other school because I know our staff and administration are very caring and compassionate.

Please know that my intentions are true, and I only have the children’s best interest in mind. Simply put, there was a policy that I felt needed to be changed and I vocalized it.