During the last four years, I have come to realize that the biggest, most powerful and most dangerous hate group in America is the national media and many in the Democratic Party.

These two groups have now become one, joined at the hip by their fanatical hatred of our President Donald Trump and his supporters, and they will do anything to reverse the 2016 election.

When did all of this hatred start? Remember President Obama’s apology tour to foreign countries telling them of all the sins he perceived our country had committed? Michelle Obama said that when her husband was elected it was the first time she was proud of this country.

Obama promised to fundamentally change our country, and it certainly has happened. When you see the American flag openly disrespected on a national stage or police attacked and sometimes killed just because they are trying to do their jobs of protecting us, it makes me wonder how this country could have ever come to this. It seems many Americans now hate this country.

What happened to a media most of us turned to for objective news stories and events taking place around us? I believe it had already started, but all dramatically changed when Donald Trump won the election and became president. They thought he was a joke and took great joy in mocking him, saying he couldn’t possibly win.

But Trump did something no other candidate dared to do: He called them out, coined “fake news”, and it was, and many Americans like me said, “Finally.” Then Trump did the impossible, he won! He embarrassed them, and they don’t like being embarrassed. The war on Trump and his supporters had started and to this day has never even paused.

After President Trump’s oath of office, in only 19 minutes the Washington Post announced the start of the plot to impeach him. First, it was Russia and when that didn’t have legs, they moved to Ukraine, which also doesn’t have credibility since we can all read the transcript.

I have very little faith in the media, but they reached a new low with their scant reporting on the killing of the number one and two leaders of the terrorist group ISIS. They even tried to portray Baghdadi, the leader and founder of the Islamic state, as an astute, religious scholar. He was an open participant of rapes, beheadings, burning people alive, murdering many of his own faith and executing many Christians. He was a horrible animal!

The little reporting the media did on this was often prefaced with saying it was accomplished in spite of Trump. They denied the intelligence community and the brave soldiers that accomplished this very difficult raid with the praise and gratitude they honorably deserve. It also took courage for Trump to give the green light. They disgraced themselves when their hatred wouldn’t allow President Trump and the American people the joy of celebrating even one day of a wonderful victory.