I was appalled at Steve Green's commentary in the Sept. 4 edition of the Enterprise that said Democrats have little regard for life. He knows that is not true, and his inflammatory rhetoric only widens the political divide and spreads hate. There is no excuse for it!

A bill to allow assisted suicide is the exact opposite. Anyone with compassion would hate seeing their loved one suffer with no hope. Dragging out a life that is only pain only helps the medical industry.

I have assisted my pets to die when they were in such pain with no recovery possible. Does that make me have little regard for life? I felt it was helping instead of letting them suffer.

The fact is that I would like to have the option of suicide if there was only pain and no hope. In the states that do have this option, hardly anyone uses it but it gives comfort to have it available.

And I really wonder about the moral hypocrisy of him talking about little regard for life when Republicans don't seem to care about little children dying in cages at the border or our children dying in schools from military weapons, etc., etc.