I’ve read Steve Green’s commentary on HF 2152 as well as the proposed bill itself. The bill is a reasonable, carefully constructed plan for people who are terminally ill, with a six-month or less probability of living, of being able to petition their health care providers for medicine that would ease their process of dying.

There are many safeguards both for the terminally ill and for their health care providers.

Here is part of the proposed bill, “Request for Medication to End My Life in a Peaceful Manner:”

“I, (undersigned), am an adult of sound mind. I have been diagnosed with (illness), which my attending health care provider has determined is a terminal illness. I have been fully informed of my diagnosis and prognosis of six months or less to live, the nature of the medical aid-in-dying medication to be prescribed, the potential associated risks, the expected result, and the feasible alternatives or additional treatment opportunities available to me, including comfort care, palliative care, hospice care, and pain control.

“I request that my attending health care provider prescribe medical aid-in-dying medication

that will end my life in a peaceful manner if I choose to take the medication, and I authorize

my attending health care provider to contact a pharmacist to fill my prescription. I understand

that I have the right to rescind this request at any time. I understand the seriousness of this

request and I expect to die if I take the medical aid-in-dying medication prescribed.

I make this request voluntarily, without reservation, free from coercion or pressure, and

I accept full responsibility for my actions.”

Green’s contention that, with this bill, Democrats are “zealous to end the lives of our senior citizens” is pure fantasy.