I am writing on behalf of the employees of Hubbard County Social Services. Recently, the county hired a consultant to review Social Services management due to the problems they were experiencing. The consultant made several recommendations on improving conditions. The county, however, decided not to follow through with those recommendations.

I am encouraging the citizens of Hubbard County to contact their commissioner to persuade them to follow through with the consultant's recommendations.

Other employees, including myself, met with county commissioners within months of the current director being hired regarding the problems, but no changes were made. Social Services has seen many good employees leave due to the poor working conditions. The employees that have left took with them years of training, connections made within the community, and relationships made with their clients. The cost of replacing these employees has been astronomical. This cost, coupled with what Hubbard County paid the consultant, has been a tremendous burden to the taxpayers of Hubbard County.

I retired earlier than planned from Hubbard County Social Services in April 2017 because of the work environment. When I left employment with Hubbard County, I met with county commissioners and the supervisor of human resources. They were told about the issues with work conditions under the current director. They turned a deaf ear to the information. One commissioner actually sent donuts to the employees thinking that this would help with morale. Many current employees have met with these same commissioners, giving them the same information. What does it take to get the commissioners to look at these problems and make the needed changes?

The consultant came up with great ideas regarding changes that need to be made. These ideas were completely dismissed by three of the out-going and two of the current county commissioners. The out-going commissioners decided to leave the problem alone and have it taken care of in-house, rather than follow the consultant's recommendations. This was not the fix needed by this agency.

The recommendations of the consultant need to be made or the flood of employees leaving will continue.