The author, Wendell Berry, in his book, “The Hidden Wound,” ends with this commentary on racism: “It is not, I think, a question of when and how the white people will ‘free’ the black and the red people. It is a condescension to believe that we have the power to do that. Until we have recognized in them the full strength and grace of their distinctive humanity, we will be able to set no one free, for we will not be free ourselves. When we realize that we have an enormous lot to learn from them, that they possess a knowledge – for the lack of which we are incomplete and in pain – then the wound in our history will be healed. Then they will simply be free – among us – and so will we, among ourselves for the first time, among them.”

This book was published in 1970 – nearly 50 years ago! Our wonderful country was in a turmoil then, also. If history continues to be ignored, rather than being a lesson for finding our way into a better future, it will be as the old adage states: “Doomed to repeat itself.”