The Peacemakers of Fullerton, Calif.; Minnesota Peacemakers, Frontline mission team, New Direction, Erica Castleberry and New Wine Church would like to greet you in His love, and we truly want to thank you for your part in the 2019 Love Outreach.

We were all blessed to have met so many wonderful people in Park Rapids. You made it possible. A special thank you to the Park Rapids Enterprise. With people like you in this community, we can make a difference.

The team got to experience and grew closer to the Lord. We were so blessed that you were part of this event, and we can’t wait to continue to make a difference by showing love and being part of 2020 Love Outreach.

Thank you for your kindness, everyone! We appreciate everything everyone did, especially the welcoming we got. More importantly, we know that there were many hurting people, but at the end of the day, they knew they were loved.

We were extremely blessed and continually have a desire to go to Park Rapids for the next four years or more to share more love. We can’t wait to meet more servants of the Lord, here in Park Rapids. We, as Peacemakers, were blessed to be servants. We will continue to pray for Park Rapids! We will continue to pray for the event and look forward to serving Jesus next to you.