Kevin Weber's long letter about citations his son and nephew received for failure to validate site tags struck me as strange.

First, he says his son never disputed the fact there were two violations. He even used the term "guilty."

Second, he questions what is gained by citing "law-abiding" hunters on a technicality. However, they clearly were not "law abiding" since they admitted their guilt. As for the technicality description, he tells us four hours had passed between the deer being shot and the conservation officer's appearance onscene. Page 80 of the hunting and trapping regulations explains how to tag deer and validate site tags. These are regulations, not technicalities. We all could be better sportsmen and women by knowing and following applicable laws.

Third, he complains about the DNR's 90-minute interaction with his son, claiming the officer had better ways to spend duty time. Another interpretation: After admitting guilt, his son wasted one-and-a-half hours of the officer's time, preventing him from doing other (presumably more important) duties. There's more. Weber tells us the matter was continued with a DNR captain for another 45 minutes. Clearly, this also kept HIM from more consequential work.

Finally, I take Mr. Weber at his word that he's a "lifelong, law-abiding hunter with kids in the woods." They made a mistake. But when a minor and adult are cited for, and admit, breaking game regulations, it does not serve the young person well for adults to do anything other than accept responsibility. Otherwise, the wrong lessons will be learned.