As a parent of two children in the elementary school, I sometimes drop them off in morning when my wife isn't able to. I am a rural mail carrier and log a lot of miles in my car. While I have many pet peeves about other people's driving and observe many unsafe and illegal acts, nothing concerns me more than those parents who park their car in the drop-off zone in front of the Century School and leave the vehicle unattended while they conduct whatever business it is that they deem important enough to endanger the safety and well-being of every other person attending or visiting the school.

Why are the police not enforcing the law?

Why is the school administration not enforcing their policy?

Please - if you have to park your vehicle and go into the school, there is a parking lot.

Very often people park so near to the crosswalk, it makes visibility nearly impossible - both for kids trying to cross the road and get into school, and also making it much more difficult for drivers to see small children in the crosswalk who may be behind a parked car and waiting to cross. Does a child need to be run over before we enforce the policy?

What if there was an emergency at the school that required first responders, ambulance, fire, police, etc. to gain immediate access to the school? Is this not made more difficult by parked cars left unattended in the "no parking" zone in front of the school?

Airports don't allow unattended vehicles in front of the airport for security concerns; after all, a vehicle left unattended may actually be a very large bomb.

Safety concerns aside, it is rude and inconsiderate to everyone else who is trying to drop off their kids in the morning and get to work.

This seems to be most problematic 10 or 15 minutes before and after 8 a.m. This should be a small enough window that enforcement is possible.

However, I have also seen cars parked in the evening time for upwards of 45 minutes to an hour while I'm at sports practices. I imagine as the weather gets colder and people get lazier this problem will only get worse.

I try to teach my kids that their actions have consequences. Why can't the school help reinforce that principle with these parents who are breaking the law?

I'm probably not as tolerant as the school administration in matters like this. Anyone observed leaving their vehicle unattended would be issued a citation. I would also arrange for a local towing company to have a tow truck on hand in the morning or evening to remove vehicles if necessary. I think this would help keep our kids safe. I think they are worth it.