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Letter to Editor: Kudos to law enforcement

I am so very glad to hear about the team effort put in by Park Rapids Police, Paul Bunyan Drug Task Force, Headwaters Safe Trails FBI Task Force, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Bureau of Indian Affairs, U.S. Border Patrol, FBI and West Central Drug Task Force in doing their part in cleaning the drug dealers off the street in my hometown.

I only hope that the Hubbard County Courthouse judges and prosecutors do their part in keeping the drugs off the streets of Park Rapids by enforcing the maximum penalties to all who

were arrested in our local law enforcements' efforts. Our good men and women in uniform did their job and quite impressively. I would be disappointed to see all that effort go to waste because the court system puts the criminals right back onto our streets.

Twenty-nine less drug dealers makes Park Rapids a better place to want to be. Already some of those arrested have already been released. Get it together Hubbard County Courthouse, do your part in getting rid of the drug problem in our small community. Your lack in prosecution of those who are deserving is shameful, and it is the judges and prosecuting attorneys who are giving this town a bad name. Citizens should rise to push for the maximum penalties. Get rid of the dealers and we will get rid of the drug problem.