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Letter to Editor: County should reconcile Hinds Lake case

The article about the Hinds Lake lawsuit in the Jan. 13 Park Rapids Enterprise really caught my attention. As a resident of Hubbard County since 1974, I recognized it as something that had come up before, but hadn't realized that the issue had not been resolved. Clearly, in this case, there is a disconnect between the actions of the Hubbard County Board and Environmental Services Office and the enforcement of the Shoreland Management Ordinance. The law under which we, as lakeshore property owners, and Minnesotans, are protected has been violated. The cost of nearly $50,000 to the county's tax payers to defend this violation is beyond belief. The $85,000 cost to the Knoblauch family is outrageous. As a constituent and voter, I urge the county board to accept responsibility for its unlawful actions and seek reconciliation with the Knoblauchs and all Hubbard County lakeshore owners, who rely on the county for protection. There are so many better ways that $135,000 and so much time could have been spent to make our county a better place for all.