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Letter to Editor: Disappointed with Tina Smith as interim senator

The recent appointment of Tina Smith as Minnesota's interim U.S. senator was definitely a disappointment. Her very strong connection to Planned Parenthood does not bode well for any expectation that she would protect the sanctity of life.

The thousands of unborn Minnesotans who were killed through abortion while she was working for Planned Parenthood brings to mind the horrific action taken by Herod over 2,000 years ago. As Christians around the world prepare for remembering the birth of Christ, we also know what happened after Jesus was born as described in Matthew 2:7-16. Herod felt so threatened by this King of the Jews the wise men had told him about that he sent his soldiers to kill all the male children age 2 and under.

Today, these precious unborn babies may be killed for any number of "reasons," including the possibility that they may be disabled, a diagnosis that sometimes proves inaccurate. Exactly what designates "disabled"? Is it because the baby may be physically or mentally challenged? Really, that's a disability? Ask the families for whom these children are a member. You may find that that child is just as cherished as their siblings. And really, exactly what are the guidelines that determine that someone is "perfect"? There are some who are physically perfect, but are spoiled brats who can make life a challenge for all they come in contact

with. So, really, who is qualified to say any one of us is perfect? If we have to be perfect to have the right to be born the earth would be uninhabited by humans!