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Letter to Editor: Winter and snowmobiles: Think snow!

With yet another Minnesota winter fast-approaching, the Forest Riders Snowmobile Club would like to remind all snowmobilers in the area to make sure they operate their machine safely once the trails open.

As soon as there is sufficient snow to do so, snowmobile trails will open (statewide after Dec. 1.) Of the 22,000 miles of snowmobile trails in Minnesota, approximately 50 percent is on privately owned land that the landowner has graciously opened for snowmobile use. That means snowmobiling is a privilege, not a right. We encourage you to stay on the marked trails no matter where you ride. Our club is responsible for 266 miles of this trail system.

Maintaining these trails takes time and money. The time is donated by club members, while the money comes from snowmobile registrations, a portion of the non-road gas tax attributed to snowmobile use. If you plan on riding this year, make sure your registration is up-to-date.

We encourage any snowmobiler who would like more information about snowmobiling in general or snowmobiling in this area in particular to get in touch. Visit us at

The Forest Riders Snowmobile Club will be sponsoring the 2018 Charity Ride for Hospice on Jan. 27 from Two Inlets to Chase on the Lake in Walker. Make a donation by sponsoring a rider. Proceeds will go to CHI St. Joseph's Health Hospice in Park Rapids.

Think snow! Lots of snow!