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Letter to Editor: Sen. Franken should resign

Senator Al Franken has been confronted by women who have alleged that he sexually harassed them — incidents that have gone back more than 10 years ago. Very recently, Mr. Franken has admitted wrongdoing on his part, immoral acts of which "I am ashamed."

This immoral conduct is inexcusable at any level in our society. There must be zero tolerance for sexual harassment. Franken has violated with impunity his oath of office and the inherent code of conduct he has sworn to the people of Minnesota.

There is now only one honorable alternative for Franken: Resign his U.S. senatorship as soon as possible. He must be prepared to face the consequences for his flagrant immorality. No excuses will suffice. Franken must resign quickly for the good of U.S. Senate decorum and the people of Minnesota.