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Letter to Editor: Our youth help our community thrive

As a long-time resident of Park Rapids, it is great to see the opportunities available to our students. Our school district has dedicated teachers, coaches and administration that encourage and help students excel in academics, sports and the arts. If you've been to any of our local sporting events, you've probably heard our great pep band under the direction of John Cook. Recently, the pep band traveled to Fosston to provide support to the girls volleyball team, and you'll see them in the coming months at basketball, hockey and swim meets.

Students from Park Rapids and Menahga put on a very entertaining musical in October, and are already rehearsing for the winter play. The high school choir had their fall concert on Nov. 6 Monday, and the high school band had their fall concert Nov. 13.

If you haven't had a chance to experience a sporting event, music or drama at our high school, please do so. You won't be disappointed.

You'll see our students working at local businesses, playing in the community band, participating in local theatre and singing in their church choirs. They volunteer through Scouting, collecting donations for the food shelf and ringing bells for the Salvation Army. They are part of what makes Park Rapids a thriving community.

Thank you to our students for their hard work, and those who support them. We can have a positive influence on them, but sometimes they are the positive influence in our lives.