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Letter to Editor: Fascinating stories 'live' at local museums

I'm writing to express my gratitude for the wonderful Wally Wood story written by Shannon Geisen back in June.

The Menahga Area Historical Society and Museum had a great turnout for Wood's 90th birthday party June 17, which the story previewed. Moreover, thanks to the efforts of a Park Rapids gentleman, the story was shared with online Wally Woods fan groups and has brought the Menahga museum to the attention of people far beyond Minnesota.

With Labor Day over, the Menahga museum has closed for the season but it will reopen in 2018 beginning the Saturday before Memorial Day, May 26. New items will be rotated into the Wood exhibit and exhibits throughout the museum are being upgraded during the winter. The featured exhibit for the 2018 will commemorate World War II, its effects on Minnesota life, and especially, the Menahga-area men and women who served in uniform and those residents who contributed to civilian war-support efforts.

Finally, as someone who vacations in the Park Rapids area, I'd encourage readers to visit the city's own Hubbard County Historical Museum at 301 Court Ave. when it reopens for 2018. Every Minnesota community has a thousand fascinating stories and they "live" at local history museums.