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'Toolkit' support letters confusing

On Aug. 5, 2017 two opinion letters criticized Steve Green for letting the Enterprise readers know that the Minnesota Department of Education was issuing a "Toolkit to Ensure Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students."

While criticizing Rep. Green several confusing statements were made.

Mr. Gebhard, first claims that Green wrongly stated that the Toolkit makes new policy but then says that when Green says the Toolkit is completely unnecessary it is a false conclusion. Why would the Toolkit be necessary if it does not make new policy?

Mr. Gebhard also explained that children who question the gender identity assigned to them at birth are referred to as "gender nonconforming." Were the doctors who wrote male or female on their birth certificates wrong or are the children wrong?

The other opinion letter, "Rep. Green off the mark on "Toolkit" commentary" written by "Terry Kalil, President, League of Women Voters Minnesota" Starts by claiming that Rep. Green sent constituents a "taxpayer-funded personal commentary" as if to imply that sending emails are somehow funded by our tax dollars. It seems odd to me that such a clearly partisan attack would come from a "non-partisan" group. While I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it is wrong to post something on behalf of a nonprofit organization — especially when the content comes close to violating the terms of their tax-status.

While the League of Women Voters' own website states that the League's principles include supporting free public education, it is followed by, "... caution should be used in applying [list of broad impactful topics] to specific issues."

I support Terry's right to exercise our 1st amendment rights; however, it should be done without claiming that partisan opinions are the voice of the League of Women voters.

In my opinion that while there are many fine educators, many parents and educators have lost the ability or will to control the educational process in a way that is advantageous for our children. See the Aug 9, 2017 commentary by John Clauer for an explanation of the real issue.