Growing up in Pine River, Minn., we were just as excited as the world with the Apollo moon landing. I was a junior in high school when the Apollo 11 trip was done. But July 20 was a Sunday night, and on Sunday nights you went to church. So we went.

After the service, we found out from someone's car radio that the astronauts had not stepped on the moon yet. We jumped in the car and headed toward home, which was 12 miles away. More than halfway home we realized that we forgot our youngest sister at church. (We heard later she was running after the car, but apparently none of us paid attention.) There were six of us kids and both parents in the car, so I guess a head count wasn't done. Being that we were more than half way home, my dad decided to bring us home, then returned to church to pick her up. My poor dad missed the first step on the moon, but the rest of us got a memory we have not forgotten.

Just don't talk to my youngest sister about this.