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HUBBARD COUNTY REPUBLICANS: It’s time to build a united country

Editor’s note: Both the Hubbard County DFL and Hubbard County Republicans are invited to write columns for the Enterprise’s Opinion page.


As we move toward celebrating the freedom that we have in this country on July 4, each of us needs to decide if we want to contribute to a nation united or a nation divided.

All of us should challenge every American to set aside stereotypes and generalizations and stop listening to spoon-fed narratives.

It is time to think for yourself, educate yourself and start a conversation with your fellow Americans about the future of this country and your community, especially those Americans you disagree with. Have a conversation in which you seek to understand their views instead of convincing them of yours.

Let us set aside the assumption that you know what all Democrats or all Republicans are like, and let’s listen to each other.

Topics like the environment, energy and immigraiton matter to everyone. Let us hear each other and give each other a chance. Maybe that Republican or Democrat you know is not as closed-minded as you think.


There will be many chances to visit this summer at many community events.

Why not come and find out why we believe that any president that writes 50 executive orders in the first six months is acting more like a king than an elected official and why that may seriously jeaporadize your freedoms.

Learn why the Constitution was designed to limit government power to protect your and my freedoms.

Find out why we believed unchecked immigration can be damaging to our country.

Do not just assume you understand the other side; let’s have a conversation! We have more in common that we probably realize.

We look forward to visiting with you this summer. It will take us all working together to keep these state united into a well-run country.

We owe it to ourselves and our country to be educated and informated and to take an active role.

It is time to focus on our common beliefs and what binds us together. See you this summer!

Opinion by Hubbard County Republican Party
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