Hubbard County GOP: Strong families, communities allow pursuit of American Dream


As was presented previously, there are 10 principles that outline the core beliefs of the Minnesota Republican Party:

  • Promote economic prosperity

  • Strengthen our families and communities

  • Educate our children

  • Protect our health care

  • Make government smaller and better

  • Preserve civil rights

  • Defend America at home and abroad

  • Protect public safety

  • Strengthen the rule of law

  • Enjoy and protect our natural resources

As a party, the Republicans of Minnesota are focused on creating “limitless opportunities for Minnesotans and standing up for our Midwestern values and ideals,” says Jennifer Carnahan, chair of the Minnesota GOP. This foundation is reflected in the second principle: To strengthen our families and communities.
Strong families and communities allow each Minnesotan the opportunity to pursue something we value the most – the “American Dream.”

What has the GOP done to promote this? Early in the 2019 session, our State Sen. Paul Utke, introduced a bill (SF2418), titled “Special Education Employment Pilot Project.” This bill would create a program that connects students who receive special instruction at school with businesses that are willing and able to provide job preparation training and job shadowing, as well as employment opportunities after completion of the program.

The program includes practical life skills assistance, like writing a resume and opening a bank account, and job placement. The ideal end result of a program like this is to transition special education graduates into competitive wage employment in integrated community settings.

Our traditional values compel us as a party to promote ideas like these, where individuals are given opportunities for gainful employment, are taught the value of hard work and can take pride in their accomplishments.


A program like this is also of great benefit to employers, who are provided the opportunity to hire employees who are trained and ready to become productive members of their team. When our policies foster success, everyone benefits.

Strong families, strong communities – the foundation on which a great nation has been built.

The Hubbard County Republican BPOU meets the second Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in the lower level of the Northwoods Bank building. All those who support the principles of the Republican Party are invited to attend.

Editor’s note: Both the Hubbard County DFL and Hubbard County Republicans are invited to write monthly columns for the Enterprise’s Opinion page.

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Editor’s note: Both the Hubbard County Republicans and Hubbard County DFL are invited to write columns for the Enterprise’s Opinion page.
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